As Director of the Innovation & Collaboration Centre at the University of South Australia, Jasmine leads a team that supports the establishment and growth of early stage companies through a variety of supports that combine private and university resources.

With more than 20 years of policy and program development experience in innovation and technology transfer, she is skilled in the development of strategic partnerships and has expertise around the translation of knowledge to industry and in establishing new enterprises.

Jasmine is experienced in working with multiple stakeholders to deliver effective university industry partnerships and has supported more than 75 new enterprises over the last five years through the University of South Australia’s flagship program, Venture Catalyst which received two Knowledge Transfer of Australia awards in 2016 for ‘Best Entrepreneurial Initiative’ and ‘People’s Choice Award’.

Jasmine launched Venture Catalyst Space in 2018, a globally competitive program, to support founders, entrepreneurs and startups, to develop and grow innovative or disruptive ideas in the space sector. The equity-free program accepts up to 10 companies per year and delivers tailored support and guidance working with a global pool of expert advisors including former NASA astronaut Pam Melroy, the Australian Space Agency, Airbus, Nova Systems, Fleet, Myriota and the Smart Satellite CRC as well as a stipend and other support services.

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